Fight back against the critics – The war over e-cigarettes!

Whenever there is some new toy in town, there are always people that will fight against it. This is the same for anything in life whether it’s a new phone, a new brand of clothing; a new hair cut style… It doesn’t matter what it is, there will always be critics. This is very much the case for electronic-cigarettes, and with more and more people that use them, more and more people have a little something to say.

Studies are ongoing with the e-cig at the focus and although there is not yet absolute proof that these are not safe or safe, or work as a smoking cessation device or not, the evidence so far seems to be very positive towards them.

There was recently a report that followed as a result of a small study in Poland. In this study, almost 180 people used an electronic cigarette in a bid to quit smoking. Sixty-six percent –  yes, 66% gave up smoking! When you think about how many people want to quit and how it is to do so, the fact that any of this group managed to quit smoking at all certainly wins these electronic devices a few brownie points.

In the same Polish report, out of that 179 people that were studies, 91% of them found a definite reduction in the amount that they smoked, whether it was to quit altogether or not.

I would say that, that information says a lot about the effectiveness of the e-cig, wouldn’t you?

Just take a look online and some investigative research yourself – look for “electronic cigarettes” or “e-cig” in any internet search engine and see what comes up. Aside from the obvious few testimonials stating that the company they were using were “garbage” and the company “a disgrace”, you will find nothing but positivity about these gadgets. Again, wouldn’t you say that would work in the favor FOR electronic cigarettes?

When you look at the evidence supporting the case FOR the e-cig and then add to the mounting positives the fact that the e-cig industry is now raking in around $2 billion, we reckon that makes a pretty good case. And that’s all folks!