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Fight back against the critics – The war over e-cigarettes!

Whenever there is some new toy in town, there are always people that will fight against it. This is the same for anything in life whether it’s a new phone, a new brand of clothing; a new hair cut style… It doesn’t matter what it is, there will always be critics. This is very much the case for electronic-cigarettes, and with more and more people that use them, more and more people have a little something to say.

Studies are ongoing with the e-cig at the focus and although there is not yet absolute proof that these are not safe or safe, or work as a smoking cessation device or not, the evidence so far seems to be very positive towards them.

There was recently a report that followed as a result of a small study in Poland. In this study, almost 180 people used an electronic cigarette in a bid to quit smoking. Sixty-six percent –  yes, 66% gave up smoking! When you think about how many people want to quit and how it is to do so, the fact that any of this group managed to quit smoking at all certainly wins these electronic devices a few brownie points.

In the same Polish report, out of that 179 people that were studies, 91% of them found a definite reduction in the amount that they smoked, whether it was to quit altogether or not.

I would say that, that information says a lot about the effectiveness of the e-cig, wouldn’t you?

Just take a look online and some investigative research yourself – look for “electronic cigarettes” or “e-cig” in any internet search engine and see what comes up. Aside from the obvious few testimonials stating that the company they were using were “garbage” and the company “a disgrace”, you will find nothing but positivity about these gadgets. Again, wouldn’t you say that would work in the favor FOR electronic cigarettes?

When you look at the evidence supporting the case FOR the e-cig and then add to the mounting positives the fact that the e-cig industry is now raking in around $2 billion, we reckon that makes a pretty good case. And that’s all folks!

The Argument against Electronic Cigarettes

Before you decide to embark on a quit smoking adventure, you are going to want to do all of your research, right? Well in a smoker’s many attempts to quit, he or she will come across an awful lot of information – some of it will be true, some of it will be false, and some of it will be downright stupid. In the closer investigation of a quit smoking method such as using nicotine replacement therapy in the form of an electronic cigarette, you will find that one constant argument against the product seems to remain true – you  are replacing nicotine with nicotine and technically you aren’t giving up the cigarettes; just the smoking part of it.

In some respects this is true. Of course, it depends on how you want to use your e-cig as to whether or not it will work as a quit smoking product for you.

For some people, the advantages of using an electronic cigarette far outweigh the advantages of smoking so swapping is the right choice to make. They have no intentions to quit but they are still making themselves healthier and keeping the world around them a healthier place at the same time. Regardless of whether or not you quit, you are already making a major change and that is already something to be proud of. If you are one of the people out there that have chosen to use the electronic cigarette in a bid to quit smoking entirely, some will power and decision making on your part is going to be necessary too. You can’t just rely on the e-cig alone – life doesn’t work like that. Even with patches and gum you needed to have a certain amount of restraint and the will power necessary in order to make it as far as you did all the attempts that you had before.

When you choose to use the e-cig as a quit smoking method, you are going to need to be prepared. I would highly recommend buying extra cartridges or e-liquid with your electronic cigarette starter kit. Running out of your quit smoking supplies right now after you have gone to so much effort would be a seriously rookie mistake. You are going to want to order new cartridges and e-liquid well in advance – you never know what will happen with regards to the postal system or whatever. Being over prepared is so much better than being underprepared right now.

You are going to want to start off on the high strength nicotine cartridges or e-liquid; the higher the better if you are a heavy smoker. Give that a go for a while – if they are too strong you can just order the next ones down. If they are fine for you, keep on with them for a while; perhaps until your bottle has run out or until you find the needed will power to go down a strength levels. Remember you are going to need a couple of days to change to the amount of nicotine you are putting in your e-cig, so make sure you do it on days where you will be relatively left alone and stress free.

Once you feel comfortable enough, you should drop down a strength level – high to medium, medium to low, etc. Eventually, when you are happy with the decision, you can drop down to zero nicotine in your electronic cigarette. At this point you are going to need to give up the cigarette itself which can be a bit of a struggle, but you will find leaving the e-cigarette behind will be much easier when you don’t have a nicotine addiction to cope with. The transition, most people find, is actually fairly straight forward and simple.

The thing about electronic cigarettes is that regardless of whether or not you want to quit smoking, you should really have a closer look at them anyway. You never know, quitting the cigarettes might just be a great benefit of moving over to the electronic cigarette!

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E-Cigs – Cleaner, Cheaper, Better

There is no doubt that, if you are a smoker, you will have had pressure from all angles trying to get you to quit. There is a good chance that, if you a smoker, many people will already have pointed you in the direction of electronic cigarettes. If this is the case and you have finally decided that it might be time to find out more, we have all the information that you will ever know. Aside from actually giving up the dreaded cigarettes, there are many benefits to be had from swapping to electronic cigarettes and here are just a few…
Firstly, they are cheaper to buy than conventional cigarettes. On top of this, they are better for your health. You won’t smell as bad when you smoke electronic cigarettes, and you won’t have to worry about the nicotine in the smoke staining your walls, ceilings, fixtures, etc. To put things into perspective, for the same amount as a week’s worth of cigarettes will cost you, you can buy a starter kit with many brands of e-cig, and this will usually last you a couple of months or more, especially if you buy a couple of bottles of e-liquid rather than relying on cartridges to get you through the switch.
A lot of people don’t even quit altogether with electronic cigarettes, choosing to smoke the e-cigs indoors and only have a “normal” cigarette when they are out and about, almost like a special treat. Although you shouldn’t really look at cigarettes or cigars in this way – they are bad for your health, remember?
With the electronic cigarette, you won’t have to worry about swatting the smoke away, finding an area to smoke that is away from non-smoking family members, friends or children, find an ashtray, avoid dropping ashes on the floor, etc. The e-cig won’t give off any ash, smoke or mess – just a water vapor that is not dangerous for anyone and can’t cause anyone any harm. You get your nicotine fix and no one else has any cause to complain.
The other good thing about switching to electronic cigarettes is that there is no stench to have to worry about. This means that you will smell better, your home will smell better, you won’t have people complaining about how you smell when they are around you or kiss you. In short, you will have come up with the perfect solution – you have a way to smoke without anyone else having to complain. Also, when you add all this to the fact that you can get different flavors of e-liquid and cartridges, you might even find a new taste that you prefer – we found a lovely strawberry mint mix that tastes just like strawberry cheesecake that we became addicted to at one point!
In short, electronic cigarettes help you to preserve the state of your health, stop people complaining about the mess that you are leaving behind and the smell that follows you and you get to have a cigarette in peace. What more could you possible ask for? Especially when you are saving money at the same time!

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E-Cigs – Body Friendly or Not?

With all the promotional stuff that seems to be going around about electronic cigarettes these days, there seems to be a few problems when it comes to peoples opinion of them. Some people think that they are in fact, bad for your health, choosing to continue to smoke real cigarettes instead, whereas other people have easily made the switch from normal cigarettes to electronic ones and noticed many health benefits, as well as plenty of other positives. It seems that everyone has formed their own opinion of e-cigs but we are here to set the matter straight – whichever way you look at it, electronic cigarettes are much better for you than real cigarettes will ever be!
Of course, if you don’t already smoke “normal” cigarettes, choosing to smoke an electronic one probably isn’t the best idea. You don’t want to get yourself addicted to nicotine as you will always need to use one until you wean yourself off it – something that can, in some cases, be just as difficult as giving up the smokes completely. The question that you must ask yourself is – if you don’t already smoke or have a dependence on nicotine and cigarettes, why would you want to start smoking anything, electronic or otherwise. It would basically be like being a non-smoker for most of your life and then suddenly deciding to become addicted to nicotine with an electronic cigarette – it just doesn’t make a lot of sense.
For those that are already addicted to smoking cigarettes, cigars or other nicotine based products, the idea of e-cigs is a good one – you are basically stopping the “bad” cigarettes, choosing to smoke a slightly healthier option. Clearly you will still be addicted to nicotine, but in a much healthier form that could eventually help you to quit smoking and being dependent on nicotine altogether.
Electronic cigarettes were designed with existing smokers in mind. They are meant to be used as a product that is alternative to smoking – a healthier option, if you like. For many reasons, e-cigs are a much healthier option than normal smokes, giving people the incentive to make the change. If you don’t already smoke however, electronic cigarettes are not a good idea for you.
If you are planning on quitting smoking or cutting down, electronic cigarettes are a good idea. They can help you to substitute some or all of your cigarettes, cigars or other tobacco based products for something that is considered to be much healthier. You will still be getting your nicotine fix but without the thousands of chemicals that are in other tobacco based nicotine products; chemicals that can and will cause cancer as well as plenty of other life-changing and potentially fatal conditions and medical problems.
The smoke of a real cigarette is dangerous and of course, you won’t have to deal with the effects of the smoke, second-hand, firsthand or otherwise, when you switch to an e-cig which doesn’t give off any smoke, just vapor. The liquid that you use to refill your cartridges to create this vapor are FDA approved which means they are safe to eat and ingest into your body – they can’t be harmful to inhale otherwise they wouldn’t have been approved. Of course, you are going to want to make sure that you purchase your supplies from a reputable source otherwise you can’t be sure what is contained within your e-cig and additional accessories.
With less litter, less smell, less cost and less damage to your health, e-cigs might be the perfect solution for you if you are already a smoker. Of course, if you are not, don’t start smoking just to look cool – there is no point in starting smoking at this point in your life, electronically or otherwise.